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BOOGIE NEWS - May 2007

Host Dropzone

For the 1st time ever outside of the World Freefall Convention, a gathering of the coolest skydiving brother/sisterhoods will take place at SKYDIVE CAROLINA!  located in Chester, South Carolina.


This "Family Reunion" will be comprised of bunch of really fun groups. These groups include the Rodriguez Brothers, the Pink Mafia, the Muff Brothers, Team Flying Hellfish, and Team Dirty Sanchez.


Aircraft will include a Casa, a Super Otter, and a hot air balloon. Jump rates will be $22 for the CASA/Otter and $80 for balloon jumps. Balloon jumps will be by pre-reservation only so book now. The closest commercially served airport to the DZ is Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT).


Boogie Registration

Boogie registration will be onsite only this year. Once again with your registration the first 100 (possibly a few more) will receive Boogie Packs. There will also be a limited number of sombreros available, please bring your own sombrero if you have one and don't forget to decorate it! With your registration you become eligible to win door prizes, partake in the "special beverages", receive a boogie pack filled with fun stuff, piñata whacking privileges and more. Cost of registration will be $20.


Video Contest

Once again, we will be holding a Video Contest. Entries to the video contest must be 10mins or less and based on a theme that relates to any of the brother/sisterhoods. What that means is up to you. Please submit your entries to the DZ by Friday June 16th. The videos will be aired after dinner on Saturday the 17th, and the PRIZE will be well worth your efforts.


Sombrero Contest

Many of you are no stranger to the ways of the brotherhood. Be sure to pre-decorate your sombreros as there will be prizes for the most unique and interesting sombreros at the Boogie.



Time permitting the Rodriguez Brothers will be conducting Piñata whacking on Friday night.


Acceleration Station Feast!

A special Feast is being prepared Saturday June 17th by Delsur Rodriguez, master Chef of the dropzone. Nobody will walk away hungry.




Make this known to our organizers or for that matter, any brother or sister at the boogie. We will be doing organized initiation dives throughout the weekend. There will be a tent set up where you can meet with any/all of the brotherhoods and get your initiation dives organized. If you want to get really crazy, why not get on one of the "multi-family" dives Saturday at 12:00 & 5:00pm. Knock out those initiations in just one dive! Initiation ceremonies will take place Saturday night at midnight at the "Altar" for the Rodriguez Brothers. Be sure to bring extra bottles of "Cactus Juice" The dreaded Cactus Juice machine will once again be at the boogie… it chills the nectar to a cool 5 degrees!




Once again, the host of our boogie!


Rigging Solutions

Official gear store of the Rodriguez Brothers, and a very generous sponsor!  



Official supplier of altimeters to the brotherhood and a very generous sponsor. Check out their new custom Alti Faces  including a special Rodriguez Brother version!


Aerodyne International

The all-inclusive gear manufacturer. Come jump one of their demos at the boogie!


Sunpath Products
Makers of the Official Rig of the Rodriguez Brothers!


Dilworth Billiards

Affectionately referred to as "Billars' Cantina", Charlotte's premiere hangout for thirsty Brothers and generous sponsor of the boogie.


Firefly Unlimited
Official Tailor of the Rodriguez Brothers. We may not be good, but we'll look good.


Performance Designs

A canopy manufacturer that has stood the test of time! Who doesn't know who these guys are?


Cool Finds Cool

Not a company, a philosophy... ever notice that Cool people just seem to gravitate together? Check out their cool products!



Makers of the best lip balm on the market. Feel the healing power of Caliente's wonderful products. Once again your boogie packs will have a treat from DiveBalm.


Bonehead Composites

Long time supporter and official helmet supplier of the Rodriguez Brothers.


Larsen and Brusgaard

Manufacturer of audible altimeters and generous sponsor of the Rodriguez Brothers.


Bev Suits

Although skydiving naked can be fun, if you have to wear something put on a Bev Suit! 




Friday June 8th 
Registration Opens

All Day:   Fun Jumps/Initiation Dives

08:00pm: Pink Mafia Sunset Tracking Dive

                : Hellfish Sunset Raft Dive

                : Muff Brothers Sunset Inflatable Animal Dive

08:30pm: Brotherhood Welcome Reception

9:00pm:   Rodriguez Brothers Pinata Whacking

10:00pm: Come play "KAP3" with the Flying Hellfish!


Saturday June 9th

09:00am: Registration Continues

All Day:   Initiation Jumps/Random Door Prizes

12:00pm: Multi-Family Initiation Dives

5:00pm:   Multi-Family Initiation Dives

07:30pm: Dinner Opens/Video Slideshow

08:00pm: Pink Mafia Sunset Tracking Dive

                : Hellfish Sunset Raft Dive

                : Muff Brothers Sunset Inflatable Animal Dive

09:00pm: Kegs Tapped/Margarita Machine opens

10:00pm: Video Contest

11:00pm: Door Prizes

Midnight: Initiations


Sunday June 10th 

All Day:  Your head will hurt.

All Day:  Fun jumps with your new families!




Ramada Limited- Phone: 803.789.7770

Executive Inn - Phone: 803.581.2525

Comfort Inn - Phone: 803.789.9100

Days Inn - Phone: 803.789.5555

Onsite camping and hot showers are also available at no charge.



The Boogie is being hosted by

 Skydive Carolina!

which is located at the

 Chester Municipal Airport.

in Chester, South Carolina 

For more information on the Airport or 

Skydive Carolina call:


Click here for Directions

Just a bunch of really cool people who skydive to have fun and make friends. We embrace all skydiving disciplines, so come make a jump with a brother, get initiated, get your new name, and have family at DZ's across the country and around the world.

The Rodriguez Brothers
4237 Castlewood Road
Charlotte, NC 28209